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Michael Kunzemann

Unlike his namesake Michael from the VEMAG Academy’s training staff, his focus is more on technology than on the finished product.

VEMAG line systems offer our customers a high degree of flexibility in order to be able to react to the demands of the market. This flexibility also entails a certain degree of complexity in the technical area. And this is exactly where his hobbyhorse is!

He started in 2006 as a Technical Service Consultant in the After Sales International department and supported our customers and partners worldwide with technical questions in order to achieve quick and sustainable solutions together. His many years of experience in the fields of computer science, control and energy technology as well as surface refinement often helps him with this.

All VEMAG Academy Technology training modules are carried out on machines from the current VEMAG product portfolio. His main focus is on imparting a systematic procedure for troubleshooting components in the flexible VEMAG line concepts. Which processes are carried out on the system? Which components influence certain functions of the machine?

Since 2019, he is in charge for the VEMAG Academy and is looking forward to exchanging experiences with colleagues and partners from all over the world!

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